Society of Space Management (SSM)


The Society of Space Management (SSM) is a leading organization dedicated to optimizing the use of space within the aerospace industry. Similar to SCIO’s focus on integrity management, SSM prioritizes the advancement of space utilization practices through education, collaboration, and recognition.

SSM offers a valuable suite of resources for its members. This likely includes educational workshops, conferences, and online courses designed to equip space professionals with the knowledge and tools to maximize efficiency in spacecraft, launch vehicles, and ground facilities. The Society may also host networking events and facilitate mentorship opportunities, connecting seasoned space management specialists with the next generation of industry leaders.

By fostering a community where professionals can share best practices, collaborate on solutions, and receive recognition for their achievements, SSM empowers its members to become effective space management advocates. Through their collective efforts, SSM strives to optimize resource utilization throughout the aerospace industry, ultimately enabling more efficient and cost-effective space exploration.


The Society of Space Management (SSM)’s mission is to be a leading force in optimizing space utilization within the aerospace industry. They achieve this by providing educational resources, fostering collaboration among professionals, and recognizing innovative solutions to maximize efficiency in spacecraft, launch vehicles, and ground facilities.


We are pleased to announce that we offer certification and training programs spanning three days, each available during the first three quarters of the year. Our focused and comprehensive sessions aim to provide valuable skills and expertise to individuals seeking professional development opportunities in this field. We would love to have your participation, please use this link to sign up for training.


The dates offered are: Feb 27, 28, 29; May 7, 8, 9; September 17, 18, 19


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