Health Equity Professional Certification – HEPC


The Health Equity Professional Certification – HEPC program is a distinguished credential designed to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and commitment necessary to address healthcare disparities and promote health equity for all. Earning the HEPC signifies an individual’s dedication to dismantling systemic barriers and creating a healthcare system that is accessible, culturally competent, and delivers high-quality care to all communities.

The HEPC program offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing a wide range of topics critical to achieving health equity. Participants delve into social determinants of health, implicit bias in healthcare delivery, culturally responsive care models, and health policy strategies to address disparities. The program equips professionals with the tools to advocate for policy changes, build trust within diverse communities, and implement culturally sensitive practices that improve health outcomes for all populations.

By fostering a community of certified HEPC professionals, the program creates a powerful force for positive change within the healthcare system. HEPC certified professionals champion health equity within their organizations, collaborate with community stakeholders, and serve as leaders in dismantling systemic barriers to achieving healthcare justice. Join the HEPC movement and be part of the solution in creating a more equitable healthcare system for all.


The Health Equity Professional Certification – HEPC program’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals to become champions for health equity. Through a rigorous curriculum and certification process, HEPC equips professionals with the knowledge, skills, and commitment to dismantle healthcare disparities and build a healthcare system that delivers high-quality care and positive outcomes for all communities.


We are pleased to announce that we offer certification and training programs spanning three days, each available during the first three quarters of the year. Our focused and comprehensive sessions aim to provide valuable skills and expertise to individuals seeking professional development opportunities in this field. We would love to have your participation, please use this link to sign up for training.


The dates offered are: Feb 27, 28, 29; May 7, 8, 9; September 17, 18, 19


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