ESG Inc. Top 50


The ESG Inc. Top 50 honors the world’s leading companies for their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. Inclusion signifies a commitment to sustainability and responsibility, a valuable badge for ESG leaders.

Companies vying for the Top 50 likely face a tough evaluation across environmental impact, social responsibility, and internal governance. Environmental factors encompass climate change efforts, resource use, pollution reduction, and responsible waste management. Social responsibility considers labor practices, diversity, human rights, community engagement, and product safety. Governance looks at company structure and decision-making, including transparency, board makeup, executive compensation, and anti-corruption measures.

A Top 50 spot positions a company as an industry role model. It showcases their dedication to a sustainable future and a well-rounded approach to ESG. This recognition attracts sustainable investors and strengthens their reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.


The ESG Inc. Top 50’s mission is to acknowledge and celebrate the world’s leading companies for their commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and strong corporate governance (ESG). Through this annual ranking, ESG Inc. aims to incentivize companies to continuously improve their ESG practices, inspiring a more sustainable and responsible business landscape that benefits both corporations and society at large.


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